Monday, December 26, 2011

Trip Photos


Sagrada Cathedral


Sevilla II

Atlas Mountains

Berber Village

Happy Holidays!

Hope everyone is having a lovely time with their family over the holidays. It's been a different year for me this Christmas, as I am still in Florence and my family lives back in Ottawa. I still had a great time with my friends though...and it was pretty nice to be in sunny, 11-degree weather instead of cold and snowy.

As for me, I have just returned from an amazing trip through Spain and Marrakech, Morocco. It was so much fun and I feel lucky to be able to travel so easily while living in Europe. I will definitely be posting some pictures soon!!

Where to next?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Art Show

So last night was our open house for the end of semester. Didn't have the biggest turnout, but still had a fun night regardless! 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Guest Critics Emmy Skensved and Nadja Sayej

Our class was lucky to have Emmy Skensved and Nadja Sayej at our critiques this week. It was refreshing to have people who are living and working in Berlin lend some advice with my work. Their names are linked to their websites, go check them out! You should also watch some episodes of ArtStars (hosted by Nadja), its pretty damn funny sometimes!

Occhi di OCAD

Our studio is having a public showing of work completed this semester.. should be a fun night, hopefully we have a good turn out! 

The end is near...

Even though I still have to write an art history paper and studying for tomorrow's exam, which I am strongly avoiding, I can't help but feel extremely excited for this semester to be over. Not that I don't enjoy being here, I've just been so stressed lately that my inspirations for painting have dwindled over the past month. I tend to over think everything and get in my own way, and I really just need a rest from it all.

Oh, and not to mention that in less than a week from now I will be travelling to Spain and Morocco with my roommates! Slightly distracted by images of palm trees and Moroccan markets...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

A little bit about me...

Born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, I have been interested in art since I was young. These days, I attend the Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADu) for painting and drawing. I am currently living in Florence, Italy for an off campus program, an opportunity that has allowed me to combine two loves of mine: art and travel. This is my first time in Europe, and I'm excited to see all that I can before returning to Canada. 

Hello blogging world!

As you may gather from the title of this blog, it will primarily deal with my art and the process of creating it, although I will also share stories about my life, inspirations and travels. Hope you enjoy reading along, and please feel free to comment or contact me!

Thanks for visiting, photos will be up soon.